5 Popular Diamond Shapes That Look Big When Mounted on Rings

5 Popular Diamond Shapes That Look Big When Mounted on Rings

There are many things about Diamonds that you must be knowing. And there are many things that you won’t. Case in point, are you aware of those Diamonds shapes that appear the biggest when mounted on rings? 
 Perhaps or perhaps not.

Well, either ways, this blog is the ideal place for you to learn about the same. Further ahead, I’ll give you a brief outlook of 5 diamond shapes that look much bigger and dominate a ring.

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1) Oval Cut

An oval cut Diamond almost looks like a round brilliant cut diamond. There is just a slight difference in the shape i.e. oval and not round. For women with long, slender fingers, an oval cut Diamond can be a great choice as the cut makes the diamond appear big which redefines the charm of the jewelry. This cut has been famous throughout the globe in the past and even currently it’s quite the popular choice among Diamond savvy women.

2) Round cut
 For almost a century now, round Cut diamonds have been fancied as part of engagement rings. It’s the brilliance of the symmetrically well-balanced cut that makes it one of the most popular engagement ring design till date. Since the demand for a round cut has been high in the past, the cut has undergone an evolution to reach the apex of perfection. The always in-vogue classical look makes it a great choice in state of confusion while purchasing diamond rings
Not to mention, the brilliant cut of the diamond makes it the main highlight of the ring as it appears big enough to not be seen.

3) Princess Cut Diamond
 Well, the Princess Cut is yet another cut that appears big when mounted on a ring. The diamond eternity  ring became popular during the late 60’s and ever since has been favored by women who like to bling things up bit rather than the same old classic look.
 A Princess cut generally comes in two shapes- square and rectangular. Now, it is classified as one of the finest modified brilliant diamond cut.

4) Asscher Cut Diamond 

Asscher cut is another popular diamond shape that appears pretty dominant when part of rings. The shape is mostly square and offers genuine clarity because of it’s one of a kind cut. Asscher Cut diamonds are a great choice for those who like something out of the box, trendy  yet classy at the same time.

5) Emerald Cut Diamond

Emerald cut is the last in this list. It has a step-cut structure which in turn offers high clarity. The shape is quite different from round and oval cuts and thus often stand out among st all. Emerald Cut Rings are often famous for their built, which majorly highlights the diamond’s brilliance