A Guide to Diamond Carats and Prices

A Guide to Diamond Carats and Prices

Let’s talk about diamond carats and prices. Does size really matter when it comes to diamonds (or any gem, for that matter)? Well, unfortunately (or fortunately?) there’s no correct answer to that, except to say it all depends on the individual. To each their own, I say, especially when it comes to something as personal and unique as an engagement ring and wedding band. Just know that at the end of the day, it’s important to remember that amount of love your fiancé has for you does not equal the amount of carats in your engagement ring, nor does it predict the success of your relationship. 


Many people keep asking us “What does a $10,000 engagement ring look like?” and “How big of a diamond can you get for $10,000?”. So, we are here to answer those questions succinctly and with examples from our collection of stunning $10,000 engagement rings at Diamonds by Gemsring.


Without a doubt, you can get a serious ring in gold and platinum for $10,000. But in all frankness, size is probably not the only characteristic you’d be looking for.

A diamond’s color, clarity, and cut are likely to influence your choice as well. You don’t want a 3-carat diamond with massive inclusions that compromise the wow factor of the gemstone. Okay, you can get a really good loose diamond for the money, but then you’d need to factor in the setting or the design.  

While the size of the diamond you end up getting will vary according to your budget and taste, just make sure whichever diamond you and your fiancé do go with it is AGS/GIA certified (read more about the 4 c’s of diamonds here).

If you’re looking for a $ 10000 engagement ring then you are in good company. Maybe it’s the nice, rounded number. Perhaps it’s the last stop on the sanity train for many young couples. As long as it’s not the figure you’ve arrived at Gemsring thanks to any sort of jewelry-industry-issued formula, you’re doing alright.

And recently, we’ve seen this popular engagement ring budget popping up in reader questions.

What does a $10000 engagement ring look like? How big of a diamond can I get for $10,000?

We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. This is a generous budget that will get you an amazing ring in different metals, and easily a designer engagement ring setting should you choose.




As indicated, there are two things to keep in mind – the setting and the diamond itself in the pieces of Gemsring jewelry. The great thing is that 10,000 budget gives you enough room to get a great diamond and equally good setting.

That said, it’s advisable to allocate the biggest chunk of the budget towards the center diamond. Of course, we’re assuming that you’re looking for the biggest and bad gemstone for $10,000. But there is one thing that you should keep in mind.

When speaking about size, most people actually refer to the diamond’s weight. This is measured in carats and is one of the major contributors to the diamond’s price. The more carats, the bigger the diamond. But this isn’t the only thing.

The higher color and clarity grading can significantly ramp up the price and you’d need to suffice for a smaller gemstone. But there’s no reason to feel like you’ve made an unwanted compromise.

In terms of April Birthstone diamond’s beauty, sparkle, and perceived size, cut is the king. It can make the diamond appear bigger and allow for all other attributes of the piece to shine through.




To be honest, this isn’t exactly a tip on stretching your budget, more cautionary advice.

Diamonds and diamond rings that don’t come with a GIA certificate might be less expensive, but you’d want to avoid them. However, it would be wrong to expect every ring you see to feature a certificate. But the jeweler needs to provide one upon request.

This might actually add a bit to the price, though, it’s still the right thing to do. 


What diamond shape looks the biggest?

If you want the appearance of a bigger diamond, fancy diamond shapes like pear, oval and marquise will give the appearance of being bigger than a round brilliant diamond of the same carat weight. That’s a little trick of the trade for you.