Wedding Bands are a great opportunity to change up the look of your ring stack. If you are wanting something with larger diamonds or gem stones then a five or seven stone wedding band is the perfect option for you! These bands have a lot of sparkle and showcase each diamond perfectly. 

These larger diamond halfway wedding bands make for great "other hand" rings. While suitable Stackable ring for a wedding band, these are also great for anniversaries, valentines day, mothers day gift or any other special occasions. Because they feature large diamonds, they may not necessarily pair up with a daintier engagement ring so do keep this in mind! 

Engagement Ring Alternative

The best part about these special bands is they can easily be an Engagement Ring alternative, Traditionally, you would see an engagement ring featuring one main center stone in a specific design that may feature smaller accent stones. With a five or seven stone wedding band you can opt for a more understated look with a group of the same size diamonds straight across.

Classic Partway Band

The classic halfway bands feature either five or seven round diamonds straight across. These can be set in U-prong, basket, or pave settings. We find that rings with larger diamonds will have 5 stones and those with smaller stones will have 7 stones.

Colored Stones

If you love color then this can easily be incorporated into a five or seven stone wedding band as well! Take a look at this beautiful band featuring perfectly matched round pink sapphires and round white diamonds. Sapphires are not easy stones to match- they have to be identical in color, tone, and saturation. All set in yellow gold this custom ring is unique and outstanding!

 Fancy Shape Diamonds At Gemsring

If the round shape is too classic for you, try a five or seven stone band with fancy shape diamonds. One of Gemsring favorites is this cushion cut model featuring a perfectly matched layout of cushion brilliant cut diamonds in a U prong setting.

This design can be made with any fancy diamond shape you pick at Gemsring with a lifetime warranty! Fancy Diamond Eternity Bands are expensive because all the diamonds have to be perfectly matching in cut, shape, and quality. If you opted for this design with fancy shape diamonds you can get the look of fancy shape diamonds without spending the amount of having them go all the way around.