Birthstones & Zodiac Gemstones

Birthstones & Zodiac Gemstones

Most people know and wear Jewelry with particular gemstone, or Birthstone, associated with the month of their birth, but did you know that our zodiac signs have also long been linked to semi precious gemstones?  In addition, each sign, as well as some birth months, have several possible associated birthstones, which is why stones are often referred to as “having an affinity with”, rather than being specific to a particular birth month or zodiac sign.

What Is Your Zodiac Sign?

The zodiac birthstones can be found in the following chart, listing the birthstones for each of the twelve astrological signs. The chart further down this page lists the Ancient, Traditional and Modern Birthstones for each of the Astrology Signs.  Any of these stones will be effective for you to use if this is your sign.

Zodiac Gemstones Today

Birthday month stones created by the American National Association of Jewelers is associated with your birth month, not astrological sign. The following is a list of the most conventional zodiac gemstones. Keep in mind that you may discover that there are additional birthday month zodiac signs through a birthstone chart with date—some of which are even shared with other signs. The most important thing is that you’re choosing a stone that you have a strong connection with.
Being an air sign, an Aquarius needs perpetual exterior stimulation to match its attentive mindset. Since Aquarians can become complacent when not engaged in activities that aren’t interesting or mentally challenging enough, the Amethyst has a stabilizing effect for both overcharged or aloof tendencies. The popular song “The Age of Aquarius,” encouraged the belief that love, light, and humanity could change the world. On a more day-to-day note,  business and personal relationships can prosper when Aquarians sport this stunning purple gemstone.
Pisceans have a good sense of life and the point of life. They are great at creating an image of themselves in painting a picture of real decisions that they want to be in reality.  Their birthstone has a unique property that made it extremely a popular gemstone which has a big influence on both positive and negative traits that can strengthen emotion, growth processes and identification. It is a useful guide to personality, relationship, and business affairs.
In addition, Pisces direct their energy inwards that makes them shy and internal like the Earth Signs. It is characterized by expressing emotional capacity and empathy which is associated with the Aquamarine. The aquamarine zodiac birthstone is also ruled by the planet Neptune, which conducts its energy with it and makes it a more sympathetic and powerful gemstone.
The Aquamarine helps Pisceans to be more aware of people’s thoughts into their lives and bring out a positive and quick response.  
Zodiac diamond birthstone is of Aries. Aries people can create themselves in a bold way, express their unique ideas, be the best at what they can do and compete to win. Literally, they are always willing to take any challenges in life and often seen as proud, egoistic and impatient. Their zodiac diamond birthstone is the lucky stone that supports vigorous nature, people’s dynamic and stabilizes their bountiful energies.
In addition, Aries direct their energy outward that makes them love to initiate, take charge, lead and be in control like the cardinal sign or the fire sign that also initiates the spring season. It is characterized by having a full amount of energy, ready to go and full of determinations to take charge in order to create them-self and to be the best in everything that they do, which is also associated with Diamonds. The Aries birthstone is ruled by the fierce planet which is Mars, conducts its energy with it, makes it more have impulsive soulful energy, sympathetic and powerful stone. The Diamond helps Aries to defeat and overcome their fear of losing their power, authority, and control. 
Diamonds provide guidance to focus energy towards the divinity will aspects of Aries people as it makes them become more patient, courageous, spontaneous, creative, decisive and ambitious. This zodiac diamond gemstone  rings was thought of bringing victory to battles and protection to battles. Diamonds develop inner visions and enhance imagination, working together with Aries zodiac sign diamonds are the strongest stone to use as they magnify the energy with less intense stones.
Diamonds boost confidence, inner strength and enhance connections that can be leading to a balanced life, capacity of making the right choices and decisions, and healthy lifestyle.
Taureans are said to be deeply influenced by Venus, therefore they have a fondness for beauty, jewelry and nature. It is no wonder then that astrology recommends the gorgeous emerald, with its lush green color, as the sun sign’s gemstone. The emerald is a beautiful stone with bright tones that look stunning when paired with gold.  It is fitting for both modern and contemporary jewelry.
If you look at emeralds from an astrological point of view, the green emerald has more complex symbolism. Astrologers say that the green of an emerald has a calming effect on its wearer, encourages personal growth and helps keep life balanced. A Taurean likes to feel close to nature and is in tune with the earth. Therefore, there is no better gemstone for a Taurean than an Emerald. It is thought that one of the main benefits of wearing rings or earrings with emeralds is that it attracts the cosmic power of Venus, which is believed to be powerful.
Emeralds are said to have healing powers too. Taureans who wear emeralds could ease their health issues with eyesight, fertility, spine and headaches. The emerald is also thought to increase the mental capabilities of a Taurean. Some astrologists recommend wearing the birthstone if you are looking for love. 
The main birthstone for Gemini people is the valuable Pearl. This is because it symbolizes the duality of the Gemini sign, representing both sorrow and joy, sickness and health and death and life. It is believed that by the transmutation and conservation of the “serpent fire” within the Pearl gem and the body of the Gemini, the law of alteration and death can be conquered. And as the Jewel of the Sea, the Pearl basically provides a fruitful transmutation.
Pearls offer modesty to your persona and allow you to lead a more balanced life. It brings out the attributes of chastity and purity, both on spiritual and metaphysical levels. The gemstone also helps you get rid of anxiety and fears, increasing your self-confidence as you go! The birthstone helps you realize that regardless of who you are and what your situations are, it is never impossible to attain true and simplistic beauty like the Pearl. It also helps communicate resilience. In addition, Pearl is luminous, iridescent and reminiscent of the moon, making it one of the most beloved and ancient zodiac gemstones of all.
Symbolizing serenity and purity, the Pearl reveals the hidden nature of the Gemini people. Since it is highly sensitive to its environment, Pearls can actually reflect the health of Gemini people wearing them. When you are in good health, Pearls shine brightly. Geminis have certain diseases to commonly deal with like heart diseases, spleen or stomach disorders as well as some issues with the digestive system. And with the positive energies of Pearl, it can help deal with such issues.
People born under the Gemini sign give utmost importance to their connections and relationships. And Pearls help reinforce these traits even more by helping making friends and allows the manifestation of loyalty and devotion more powerfully.
The brilliant Ruby Rings, Earrings or Bracelets are given to those who are born in July. Next to the diamond, it is the second hardest material on Earth. The wearer will be found in good luck and have strong protection. It stands for courage, integrity, the ruby can be found in a variety of shades form deep strawberry to even violet. The amount of aluminum oxide it contains will dictate its shade. Today, the color of many rubies is caused by man-made heat treatments.
Ruby is the main Cancer birthstone, however, it will also resonate with other stones which will tackle later on. Cancer is considered the doorway to life in which the seeds of life are born in the spiritual waters. In terms of spiritual worlds, this sign is synonymous with passion, romance, love, and life.
Ruby, on the other hand, is a great birthstone that has an alluring color in different hues. In fact, its color powerfully gives off the same manner that’s energy does, stimulating both vitality and passion for life.
The main Leo’s birthstone is Peridot. This stone carries particular properties that enhance the positive personalities and traits of Leos, eliminating any negative traits. Peridot with its soothing golden-green glow acts as a guide and light of wisdom for Leos. In addition, Peridot has a huge influence on Leos and their character, helping him play a crucial role in shaping up society. The gemstone also helps encourage loving understanding between Leos and other people.
People born under the Leo sign are known to be overly protective of the people they call their own, and with Peridot close at hand, it strengthens this caring and protective instinct. Leos are also known to be quite sensitive and concerned about their image and like to maintain their dignity and fame. Peridot helps them grow and become more open-minded. The stone also boosts Leo’s traits of being truthful, faithful, loyal and lovable.
Blue Sapphire is known as the primary birthstone of people born under the Virgo zodiac sign. Its blue color is very important and capable. We all know that it is the shade of the heavens and the sky. In fact, it is said to be the top light of all blue zodiac gemstones. The blue sapphire’s penetrating and deep light will give off the rays of genuine commitment that efficiently transforms into a higher mystery, cosmic infinity, and infinite reality.
Additionally, Blue Sapphire will allow Virgos to control their negative resources and build up the positive ones. It will also, improve the sincerity feature of those born under this sign. As the person becomes more sincere, he/she will be drawn to reality and become more certain and constant in his/her approach. In fact, Any pieces Of jewelry with Sapphires such as rings, bracelets, earrings will motivate the person to work hard, not only on his/her career but also on his/her personal and professional connections.
The birthstone will also motivate the Virgos to build their ruling planet, which is the Mercury beneficial to them by diverting the planet’s positive energies to their lives. Last but not least, blue sapphire can be also beneficial in treating several medical problems like irritations and high temperatures, it is also used in preventing cancer.
Librans are natural born people-pleasers, so they have a hard time saying “no.” Wearing the opal can help them keep the balance they covet so that personal interests aren’t sacrificed. Unlike what you may have heard, zodiac opal gemstones are known to bring luck to the wearer. Since Librans have problems making decisions, the opal can help them feel more confident about their choices so that they can lead a more fulfilling life. Opals are also believed to help alleviate discomfort associated with eye-related issues and digestive problems while being an overall healer.
The dualism of Scorpios is revealed by both the bird that flies close to the sun and the scorpion that sneaks the ground. In the lives of Scorpios, transmutation is very important and fortunately topaz can be a great help in this aspect.
Topaz is actually the primary birthstone of Scorpio. These zodiac gemstones can help in the improvement and purification of animal nature. What’s more, it is said to boost the powers to higher planes of expression.
The stone’s rousing properties will kick above the usual and liftoff into eternity. On the other hand, its electrifying nature will magnetize the whole being of the wearer. Actually, those who possess this zodiac sign are charged with greater capabilities to become more creative, focused, keen, and aware. 
A spiritual mind is the Zenith for the sign of Sagittarius and turquoise has the power to lift such a spirit to the next level. When worn, the stone is known for providing mental clarity and spiritual judgment, which helps those under this sign who like to take risks and explore the unknown. Turquoise also symbolizes friendship and encourages romantic, heartfelt relationships. This purifying zodiac gemstone helps protect against negative energy, but also outdoor stressors such as pollution. It has copious healing properties, to include enhancing the immune system, detoxification, cramp and pain relief, lung purification, relieving stomach distress, tissue regeneration, warding off viral infections, and the healing of eye disorders such as cataracts.

For those born under the Capricorn sign, the suitable gemstone can help empower their personality and key traits even more. And Garnet is one of the main birthstones for Capricorn people.
This stone helps you reach higher ambitions and allows you to have a better appreciation for the small things in life. Also, the crystal helps tone up your sense of responsibility while also pushing you to work even harder.