Champagne Diamond Characteristics (shades of color)

Champagne Diamond Characteristics (shades of color)

When we hear about the diamonds the first image that comes to our mind is a transparent, dazzlingly glowing diamond without considering the existence of colored diamonds. In fact, they are officially called fancy colored diamonds that come in all shades and any intensity that nature can create from pale yellow to blue and even champagne- a light brown diamond with a distinctive yellow tint that ranges in hue from a sparkling light brown to darker ones resembling the color of champagne. Both colorless and champagne diamonds appear in the crust of the earth under the influence of high temperatures.

Champagne Diamonds in Precious Metals

Champagne Diamond ring
Champagne Diamonds are one of the most beautiful, rare and unusual diamonds applied in Gemsring engagement or wedding rings and other jewelry pieces that looks exceptionally gorgeous on rose or yellow gold settings radiating high-frequency energy associated with the sun while the combination of ultimate white gold or platinum with a bright brown illumination expresses a message of positivity and strength. They effortlessly make us feel encouraged and inspired which is so important for the human spirit. The jewelry with champagne diamond is a matter of personal taste but the main criteria of these beauties are color, cut, and clarity and carat weight.  

Are Chocolate Diamonds Real?

Champagne Diamond Stones
Did you know that Champagne Diamonds are called Chocolate Diamonds and are the most popular trademark ever? The main reason this whimsical name was given to champagne diamonds was to make them more desirable and seductive in their direct meaning.

Is there any similarity between Champagne Diamonds and Chocolate?

Champagne Diamond Stones
Everyone agrees that there are no women who do not like or strive for a bar of chocolate during the day. Actually, I have never met a woman who can resist the temptation of eating a sweet delicious bar of chocolate. One quote came to my mind and reminded me that "Friendship is always a sweet responsibility" and it really is - sweet as chocolate. I believe that, like me, for many women, chocolate is at the top of the list of true friends, however...
Do You Agree?
Merilyn Monroe pic with diamond jewelry
However, when it comes to true friendship, I still always remember diamonds, diamonds and diamonds! The image and style of American actress Marilyn Monroe is still the glamorous standard of Hollywood - bright lipstick, long gloves, blonde curls, evening dresses, charming necklines, and ... diamonds, diamonds and diamonds! The famous line "Girls' best friends are diamonds" belongs to Marilyn's character from the movie "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes". To this remark, she added her own words: "Women are like stars and deserve a chance to shine."
Importance Of Gemsring Champagne Diamond Jewelry
 Considering all above mentioned, How do you think Is not worthy to make a gift of Gemsring jewelry decorated with chocolate diamond inserts that will arise in her only the pleasant and sweet emotions together with this memorable gift, that will occupy a major place in the precious list of women’s best friends and make you look even more important person in her life. Gemsring”s Champagne Diamond jewelry collections may be the only response. Moreover, any pieces of our natural Champagne Diamond jewelry will serve as the answers to any questions you don’t even have to think about. The only thing you need to do is to surround her with dazzling brilliance and sparkle for real at Gemsring.