Diamond Shapes

Diamond Shapes

Diamond Shape is the outline and form of a diamond after it has been cut & polished.

The simplest way to categorize a Birthstone diamond is by its shape. Commonly available in different options, the shape of a diamond makes the biggest impact on the appearance of an engagement ring.

The classic round diamond is the most popular shape, renowned for its ideal brilliance. All other diamond shapes are known as “fancy” shapes; these diamonds are prized for their elegance and unique facet patterns.

Buying Tip: While you’re researching diamonds, you’ll see the term “diamond shape” as well as “diamond cut”. These terms are used interchangeably: A “round cut diamond” is the same thing as a “round shaped diamond”. They both refer to the silhouette of the diamond. The diamond’s silhouette is different than its cut grade, which is one of the 4 Cs and describes its quality.


Round Cut Diamonds


The most commonly chosen shape, round diamonds have been researched by gemologists more than any other variation. Renowned for its unrivaled fire and brilliance, this shape boasts excellent light refraction properties. When all else is equal, round cut diamonds are more valuable than alternative shapes. The round brilliant cut is one of the most popular diamond shapes for its intense sparkle. Round brilliant diamonds are cut to optimize brilliance, featuring over 56 facets that reflect light and cast tiny rainbows in a breathtaking show of sparkle and contrast.

Princess Diamond


Beloved for its contemporary style and sparkle, the princess cut is the most popular fancy shape diamond. Princess-cut diamonds are square modified brilliant cuts with pointed corners. Boasting over 50 chevron-shaped facets, this cut is defined by exceptional fire and scintillation. Depending on the length-to-width ratio, princess-cut diamonds can appear square or rectangular.

Cushion Diamond


Square or rectangular shape with curved corners and soft, vintage facet patterns. An antique style that’s increasing in popularity, cushion shaped diamonds are reminiscent of round and oval shapes. Cut for less brilliance than the classic round, a cushion diamond has a soft, romantic appeal in wedding rings.

Emerald Diamond


The unique look of the emerald cut diamond is due to the step cuts of its pavilion and its large, open table. Instead of the sparkle of a brilliant-cut, emerald cut diamonds produce a hall-of-mirrors effect, with the interplay of light and dark planes. Often, inclusions or body color are easier to see in an emerald cut diamond


Pear Shaped Diamonds


Unique droplet shape with cascading brilliance. The pear shaped diamond – also known as the teardrop diamond – can appear modern or vintage, depending on its setting. With 58 facets, it has a brilliant cut that exhibits lots of sparkle. Its elongated shape lengthens the finger, making it a flattering choice for wedding and engagement rings.

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