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With their perfectly cyclical design eternity bands, or eternity rings, provide a beautiful reminder of the timeless nature of true love. Like an everlasting love, these diamond eternity bands have no beginning or end. For lovers of all things shiny, eternity bands can hold an even greater draw. The multitude of diamonds set into the design delivers an extra pop of sparkle to your ring finger.

Unlike traditional wedding bands, which typically feature diamonds on the top and a plain band on the back of the ring, eternity rings form a continuous circle of diamonds.

Perfect For An Anniversarywww.gemsring.com

Eternity rings are most commonly bought for anniversaries because of what they symbolize and also because they are easy to wear with engagement rings. Definitely buy a ring that matches her engagement or wedding ring in regards to both the diamonds and the metals. You don’t want to buy and eternity ring that is in yellow gold if her engagement ring is made with silver. It just won’t match.

Can I Use an Eternity Band in Place of a Traditional Engagement Ring?

This marquise eternity band is absolutely magical, whether paired with an engagement ring or worn on its own
This marquise eternity band is absolutely magical, whether paired with an engagement ring or worn on its own
Eternity bands look striking when paired with a classic solitaire, a brilliant halo or with an elegant three-stone design. Wedding Eternity rings also make wonderful anniversary gifts for milestone anniversaries. These rings add glamour to any wedding set. However, an increasing number of modern brides also favor these bands as stand-alone engagement rings. And they’re in good company.

Moreover, eternity bands can be stacked beautifully with other bands, meaning that you can position the band between two smaller bands for the ultimate #Ringstack

Are There Different Kinds of Eternity Bands?

Simply, put. Yes. There are a number of eternity band iterations. Although these diamond Eternity bands generally follow a simpler design than your average engagement ring, there is lots of room for divergence from style to style. Between diamond shape, metal type and setting style, the overall design of these diamond rings can vary dramatically. Consequently, it’s a good idea to look at a few different styles of eternity rings before you commit.


Where Should I Buy an Eternity Band?

As with all diamond jewelry, your eternity band should come from a reliable and trusted jewelry source. As the largest provider of diamonds in the East coast, Gemsring  is at a unique advantage when it comes to eternity rings. Come visit us to see some of Gemsring favorite eternity bands for yourself.