February The Best Month For Starting Changes At Gemsring

February The Best Month For Starting Changes At Gemsring

 February Is The Best month For Starting Changes With Gemsring (to spend at Gemsring)

 In society most things are paired with a season like pumpkin spice lattes in the fall and sandals in the summer. Jewelry is the exception to this rule, any piece can be worn at any time throughout the year. A piece of jewelry is not just something you wear but an extension of your personality and how you want to be perceived in life. A person will wear what their outfit dictates or their mood. Imagine you are wearing a simple white t-shirt and jeans. You may wear jewelry that is more modest to go with this outfit. This does not always have to be the case, with our beautiful and elegant jewelry it can worn anytime with any outfit throughout the year. 

While browsing and looking at a new piece of jewelry and a beautiful piece catches your eye. You think is this something I wear only on special occasions or certain times of the year? We are going to show you that Gemsring pieces are special enough to wear anytime for that personal pick me up. You may see someone in public with dazzling diamonds, which maybe beautiful, it takes away from the person wearing them and that is all you are focusing on. On the other hand you may see someone plainly dressed with little to no jewelry and think differently about them. We are here to show you that our beautiful collection will enhance your features, not take away from them.

Today we will offer you a collection for all seasons. Which will just as fashionable next year and the years to come as it is today. The main thing is your personal style and the colors and styles you choose to match your mood and personality that you want to convey. This collection will save you from the gloomy winter months and fill the transition period from winter to spring and summer with Diamond, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Amethyst, Peridot and Tsavorite and gold features of our collection. These pieces can be plain, delicate, unpretentious models as well as massive, varied original cuts. What we love and want to show you is that each creation of ours is diverse and original.

Let’s start with discussing our Rings: In this category you will find the Eternity Rings, Partway Rings, Fashion Rings and Three Fourth Rings. Every one of our ring is handcrafted to perfection to fit your complete satisfaction. In each category you will really notice that these rings express eternal love and harmony. You’ll also need to decide what color and type of metal you’ll want with your rings. If you want some color, our options are yellow or rose gold. If you want white, you can choose either platinum or white gold. You can also choose from variety of precious stones- Diamond, Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald to semi-precious stones like Amethyst, Peridot, and Tsavorite. The color choice is really just a matter of personal preference or style. The Eternity Rings also known as infinity rings are gifts for special occasions, weddings, anniversaries. Many people use them as a wedding rings. One of the most fascinating rings, having no beginning and end that tells about the depths of feelings and seriousness of the intentions of your relationship. What makes Eternity Rings special is the fact, that small diamonds or other precious gems are set all the way around the ring and are more expensive than others. One important thing to remember when buying an Eternity Ring is to get the sizing right. Because they have stones all around are much harder to resize. So try your best to get the measurement right.


Gemsring Eternity Ring

The Partway Rings are half circle rings with diamonds or other stones set harmoniously in different gold elegant design created to enhance sparkle. Unlike eternity rings the partway rings have a metal in the back so they can be sized and adjusted to your finger in case it fluctuates in the future. You can wear it as a wedding band or stack it with other favorite rings to express your flair. The description of  Partway and Three Fourth Rings -is the span of coverage that diamond or preferably different gemstone creates across the top of the finger and the number of precious or semi-precious stones which also factors into the combined stones carat weight that each rings offers. In Three Fourth Ring they are set about three quarters of the way around the ring. They exhibit high volume of light return and incredible sparkle.

Gemsring Partway Rings

Stylish Fashion Rings are a great way to turn heads with your style. We introduce you a wide selection of women’s fashion statement rings in the hottest fashion-forward styles. They combine elegant bands of white, yellow gold or platinum with radiant Diamond, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald or alternative semi-precious stones that can go well with casual, romantic, dressy outfits. Among the jewelry trend every women find the one that will warm their hearts and highlight their taste and stay them on a fashion wave.


Fashion Rings

We also have a miniature collection of Earrings. The versatile and classic Studs have long won the love of women. Blue Sapphire, Diamond, Emerald and Ruby Stud Earrings captivate with their beauty and elegance, held in a three prongs setting- the blue and red gems glow beautifully around the ear.  Sure to become a cherished basics in your jewelry box. The exceptionally rare and unique blue sapphire displays natural vivid blue color, they are set in master crafted solid 14K white gold settings. From job interviews and board meeting to Sunday brunches and date nights these amazing Blue Sapphire Studs are perfect for just about everything and can be worn with an elegant evening dress, as well as a casual hoodie. The screw lock mechanism allows you to adjust the mount for maximum wearing comfort. As extravagantly sparkling as they are understatedly elegant, the pair of Ruby Stud Earrings are simply breathtaking. Made with 14K white gold sure to become a favored essential in your jewelry collection. Our earrings will project the aurora you are looking for. You can "order" a classic look for your outfit, or vice versa, to match with jeans and t-shirt or elegant evening dress. 

Gemsring Diamond Stud Earrings
Gemsring Blue Sapphire Stud Earring


Red Ruby Earrings GEMSRING


 The same can be said about our unique Tennis Bracelets. Flash your brilliant style with an infinitely wearable classic!  Wear this all-occasion dazzlers securely with a box clasp with safety. Our exceptional collection features finely crafted 14K white, and yellow gold Tennis Bracelets showcasing endless rows of perfectly-matched Diamonds, Blue Sapphires prong set. They exemplify elegance and classic design which adorn the wrist beautifully. You can wear them academic as well as the office and sports style. You can do it independently or stack together with the time of year. With a wide choice of colors and stones you will not be disappointed in our selection of tennis bracelets


Blue Bracelet GEMSRING



If you want to get rid yourself of the gloomy winter months and meet the brightness of spring, our jewelry section is for you. You will find plenty of items for your "type" as well as for your evolving taste. With love, the Gemsring team