Marriage Proposal Idea

Marriage Proposal Idea


Proposing is always an exciting, nerve-wracking experience—for both the proposer and the propose!
If you and your significant other have decided to tie the knot, you can make the memory so much sweeter with a unique marriage proposal idea.
Here are some romantic ways to propose to THE one.

Love Poem Or Song
Get your inner Shakespeare out for the ultimate declaration of love.
If your soon-to-be fiancé is a secret romantic, they’ll absolutely love a poem or some lyrics you’ve written just for them. You don’t have to make it complicated; it’s for a marriage proposal, not publication! 
The most important thing is that you write from the heart, and the rest will follow.
Not everyone will be ready to bare their souls in an intimate original poem or song, so you can still recreate a similar feeling by carefully choosing one that you feel represents your emotions the best.

There are few things more romantic than being proposed to on the top of a building, surrounded by beautiful city lights.
The trick is to get a rooftop with a breathtaking view, and deck it out with flowers, fairy lights, maybe even a roll-out carpet!
Finish off with a delicious dinner, some wine, and a gorgeous princess cut engagement ring to really wow your partner. 

Fortune Cookie

If you both like Chinese food, this is the proposal for you. It’s incredibly simple to set up, but it makes a huge impact.
Make a delicious butter fortune cookie at home; don’t worry, you can find a bunch of easy recipes online.
Pop the proposal inside and find a way to slip it to the waiter or in the takeout bag.
The best part is that you get to watch their eyes light up in delight when they realize what’s in the cookie!

Do you have the kind of love that makes you want to shout it from the mountaintops? Well, then, do it! Take your love out on a scenic hike.
Unless you’re a particularly active couple, stick to an easy trail. Popping the question at the peak will take their breath away in more ways than one!
Make sure you’ve set up something small, like a blanket you two can sit on, so that you can enjoy the view and your newfound engagement.

Movie Trailer
A personalized, romantic movie trailer is the best marriage proposal idea for the film buff couple.
Take some notes from William from Season 2 of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and throw together a magical cinematic proposal.
Film a trailer or short film that talks about your love. While the rom-com vibe obviously works great, don’t be scared to think out of the box, especially if your partner is into sci-fi, action, or horror films. For an even grander gesture, talk to your local movie theater and see if you can have them play your proposal film.


Cute Animals

No one can say no to those adorable puppy eyes! If you or a close friend have an adorable pet, get their help in creating a beautiful moment you’ll remember for the rest of your lives.
Tie the ring around the cutie-pie’s neck, and send them off to find your significant other.
They’ll be squealing in delight; first from the cuteness, and later from the ring.

Proposal Planners
Coming up with a proposal is HARD. So, if you’re super stumped about how to do the perfect proposal, don’t be shy to ask the experts At Gemsring!

There are professional companies that can actually set up a proposal for you. You can throw them some of your ideas, and they will suggest their own.

They’ll also take care of the nitty-gritty, like reserving a spot, hiring a chef, choosing jewelry and decorating the place for your picture-perfect engagement. You’ll still have to find the best engagement ring, though.