Partway and Three Fourth Rings

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Partway and Three Fourth Rings

Let’s be honest, you’re not always going to be as careful as you are on your wedding day. If you’re worried about damaging the ring because you’re hard on your jewelry, we suggest the Three Fourth style. When right side up with your fingers are closed it gives the visual effect of having the diamonds or other Birthstone gems go all the way, but with solid bottom for maximum security. 

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The Difference between Partway and Three Fourth Rings:  


The “Partway Ring” and “Three Fourth Ring” as the description refers to the coverage across the finger that the diamonds or gemstones provide, and is not an indication of the combined total stone weight. 

As you can see by the photograph of the Three Fourth Diamond Ring pictured above, the diamonds are set about three fourth of the way around the ring; whereas the diamonds are set about halfway across the Partway Ring at the bottom. 



The symbol of the Eternity Ring lies in the continuous circle of diamonds or gemstones. But some couples for wedding decide instead to choose a Partway Ring as design that has diamonds, blue, orange, yellow, pink sapphires, ruby, emerald, amethyst, peridot, tsavorite only halfway around the finger or a Three Fourth Ring that has diamonds ¾ of the way around your finger.

Partway Rings have rose, white, yellow gold or platinum metal in the back so they can be sized. A compromise like this is a good choice if your finger size fluctuates or will fluctuate in the future, since the ring size of an eternity ring can’t really be adjusted. It also makes it easier to pass the ring down to another family member who may have a different finger size. And of course, fewer diamonds means that the price range for a Partway is much lower so you can afford to have larger higher quality diamonds.

However, a Partway Ring and Three Fourth Ring isn’t a good choice if your ring tends to spin on your finger since you will often look down and see metal, not diamonds. Having your diamonds “off-center” in a Partway Ring or Three Fourth Ring may drive you little crazy if you are a person who likes order. You’ll often read that Partway rings and ¾ eternity bands are better for those who are active or work with their hands but since rings tend to spin, any ring will be an issue.