Solitaire Engagement Ring: All You Need To Know Before Buying One

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Solitaire Engagement Ring: All You Need To Know Before Buying One

Significance of Engagement Ring

The engagement ring is a piece of jewelry that a man gives to his sweetheart at the moment when he proposes to her. Generally, the long-awaited moment happens in an unusual place and unexpectedly for the chosen one. If the main question is answered positively, the official announcement of the future spouses about the decision to start a family follows. From the moment of receiving the ring and accepting the offer, the woman is considered engaged and traditionally puts the decoration on the ring finger of the hand. The future bride wears the engagement ring, as a symbol of love and fidelity, until the marriage ceremony.

Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring


What Is A Solitaire Engagement Ring?

 As for design, engagement rings can be different, but the most common type of jewelry is with a central jewelry stone either diamond or any other, which can be both the only one in the jewelry creation and framed by smaller gems. A halo ring sometimes referred to as a solitaire with either a single diamond or smaller stones forming a kind of halo, is the traditional engagement ring and the perfect gift for the future bride, the brilliance of which attracts all the attention. 

Engagement Ring Prong Settings

 A solitaire ring may be flanked by pavé or channel-set stones into the ring shank featuring tiny diamonds around the band, which gives the appearance of a luminous, solid diamond surface. It has been in use since the beginning of diamonds being set in rings. while the design is simple, it is considered to be classic, which has never gone and will likely never go out of style. Although solitaire engagement rings are quite conventional, they can be personalized by choosing any stone shapes or settings, as well as any metal, according to your desire or preference and thus create a wonderful symbol of your eternal love. 

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Shapes of Diamonds in Solitaire Engagement Rings

 When it comes to choosing a stone, many people pay attention to the shape of diamonds. Solitaire rings, owing to their elegant simplicity, can be adorned with stones of various shapes which makes it possible to choose a stone of an exact shape that matches your future bride’s taste.  Some ring styles only look good with certain center stones, while diamond solitaire rings look good with any diamond shape, and possibly one of the other biggest benefits is that solitaires allow the most light to enter into the diamond and offer maximum scintillation, beauty, and fire. It is quite predictable that the first place in popularity is occupied by round-cut diamonds as it’s hard to compete with the classic.  Other preferences are given to princess, emeralds, and oval shapes. The stone you choose can be placed in the ring using different prong shapes as heart-tipped, claw-tipped, rounded, or pointed. 

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Benefits of Solitaire Rings

 Another advantage of the solitaire ring is that it is convenient to clean, do maintenance, and keep it sparkling. More than that resizing solitaires is very easy because all the diamond mountings and other designs do not need to be adjusted or compensated for when adjusting the size of the ring, so if you plan to be losing some weight or whatever, resizing them is much easier than other styled diamond engagement rings.


Which Is Your Favorite Engagement Ring Metal?

 You can ask for her hand with our expertly crafted collection of the timeless solitaire engagement ring nestled in natural diamonds, whose elegant design is made of different metal types-yellow, white, rose gold, and platinum that will be perfectly combined with any wedding band without losing its stunning shine and beauty. Generally, white gold and platinum look better on lighter skin tones while yellow gold suits darker ones, especially if your ring is a diamond solitaire. In the case of solitaire stones with colored gemstones,  yellow or rose gold bands work better.


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All Eyes On Finger

In terms of shapes and styles, not all diamond solitaire engagement rings go well with every finger. The width and length of your finger can play a role in how your rings look, as well as the size of diamonds. If you have a shorter distance between your knuckle and your ring base, opt for a little, rounder solitaire ring while for the owners of larger fingers and larger knuckles elongated diamonds are a fantastic choice.

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 Select from our collection of shimmering engagement solitaire rings according to your desired diamond weight, ring size, and style from the options below, or design your own custom ring at Gemsring. A classic choice for your bride-to-be that will be appreciated for a lifetime.