Top Trends in Jewelry for this Summer

Top Trends in Jewelry for this Summer

It’s almost here…finally! We can’t wait for summer. Since the latest spring fashion trends walked down the runway, everyone has been buzzing about the amazing jewelry worn with them. These pieces were more than just accessories, jewelry is having a major moment. Find out what’s hot for summer before it’s time to hit the beach.



Looking forward to this summer’s engagement ring trends, we’re seeing a rise in the demand for oval cut diamonds. More and more brides have been asking for this unusual shape of their wedding rings in the last few years, but this time it’s definitely at a peak.


This coming summer will mark the season in which yellow gold officially makes a comeback. The warm hues of gold look great against tanned skin and the rich material really shines in the sun. Celebrities have already started sporting yellow gold diamond, blue, yellow, orange, pink sapphires, ruby, emerald, amethyst, peridot and tsavorite statement rings, earrings, bracelets this spring.


Eye-catching gemstone clusters will be on trend this summer. Fine jewelry designers have extended the inlay technique and applied it to bright Birthstone gemstones. The result is dynamic color contrasts and interesting size combinations in a smooth, uninterrupted setting. Don’t be surprised to see rings, hoops, stud earrings or even bracelets with diamonds, blue, yellow, orange, pink sapphires, rubies, amethysts, emeralds, tsavorites, and peridots next to lapis lazuli, opal and garnets this season.

Plus, building on another of this year’s hot fashions, we at Gemsring expect long, multi-gemstone stud earrings to a big hit as well.