What Are Eternity Rings?

What Are Eternity Rings?

Eternity is a mysterious word. So what are Eternity Rings? The actual word itself means an infinite amount of time. In fact, it means timelessness--time with no beginning or end. The best way to represent eternity is with a circle. A circle also has no beginning or end. The circle represents eternity, completion, eternal love and equality.

What Is The Meaning Of An Eternity Ring?

Few things are fated to last an eternity, one of those things is love, this is the eternity ring meaning. 

“My love is reserved for you--forever”. 

This is the most common question surrounding Eternity Rings. Many people are uncertain about the significance and when to give an Eternity Ring. Both Diamond Eternity Rings and Diamond Wedding Rings can be the same design, but the significance of an Eternity Ring is that it celebrates an event after the marriage, typically the Anniversary.
Many people retain a tradition of buying an Eternity Ring after 10 years of Marriage, but we have seen an increase in the trend of buying an Eternity Ring after 1 year of marriage. Alternatively some people choose the birth of a child as a perfect opportunity to mark the occasion with a Diamond Eternity Ring.  

How To Find Your Perfect Eternity Ring?

There are many considerations before deciding on the best style of eternity ring. The following list should provide a short checklist of points to run through.

Run through each of the above points to narrow down your style – then look for designs based around your requirements.

If you are uncertain about any one of these details, don't be afraid to ask questions, even if the ring is not for yourself.

How to Wear Your Eternity Rings

Typically you would wear your first wedding ring, then engagement ring, and your eternity ring last. Tradition indicates that these rings should be worn on the ring finger on a person’s left hand. With all of the rings together it can look truly stunning.

A different way to wear the rings together is to stack it by wedding ring, eternity ring and then the engagement ring all on the wedding ring finger on the left had. As wedding bands and eternity rings look great next to each other as they both tend to look similar. 

If wearing all three is too thick for one finger, a lot of people choose to wear the eternity band with different Birthstone gems such as blue, yellow, orange, pink sapphires, ruby, emerald, peridot, tsavorite, amethyst on the fourth finger on the right hand. This would keep both the wedding ring and engagement ring on the ring finger on the left hand. 

Can I Propose With an Eternity Ring?

Interestingly, it is not unheard of for an eternity ring to be used during a proposal. The rationale is that eternity rings are much easier to choose than engagement rings are so the order is reversed. Ultimately, because the gesture of ring-giving is symbolic, it’s up to the couple to decide whether they would like to break with tradition or have a traditional proposal.

Eternity Ring

Can Eternity Ring Be Resized?

An eternity ring actually Can be resized but depending on the resizing, diamonds might have to be removed. One such method of resizing eternity rings is by removing a few stones and inserting a blank piece of different metals where the stones were. This blank piece can be cut done or added to in the future should the wearer wish for it to be resized again.
The purchase of an Diamond Eternity Ring is a huge gesture of undying love and commitment. Although it’s easier to purchase than an engagement ring, the time it takes to purchase this ring is by no means indicative of its meaning. An eternity ring represents a reminder to the person you love that you still love them and that you always will.

Sizing a full Eternity Ring

Under certain circumstances a full Eternity Ring can be made larger or smaller. To increase a full Eternity Ring in size slightly, the ring needs to be thick enough to allow a small amount of metal from the inner surface to be polished out of the ring.

The only way to reduce the size of a full Eternity Ring is to add metal to the inner surface (small metal pips or balls) to fill out the ring making it more snug on the finger.

What makes our Eternity Rings different from others?

Harnessing the latest technological innovations, Gemsring collection is manufactured using a variety of techniques to produce astonishing results.
With Diamond Eternity Rings, it is very important that the Diamonds are set perfectly within the rings. For generations, such rings have been hand set. Gemsring machine set many of our Diamond Eternity Rings. The result? A perfect finish. This also reduces the time taken to set each stone, and therefore the cost.