Amethyst Three Fourth Wedding Rings

From the old times, the typical ring can tell lots of interesting things about its owner such as family status, outlook, attitude to life, level of well-being and even reveal his hidden secrets. 

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This piece of jewelry was one of the first ornaments made by an ancient man from mined ore fossils.  In today’s world, rings are given more practical value, they are of different metal styles, with diamonds or various gems inserts and shapes. Among them eternity rings are the most popular, rings with diamonds and gemstones all around the band symbolizing infinity of everlasting love, but some couples tend to choose three fourth rings for their design rather than others because the most important factor that distinguishes Three Fourth Rings from other styled engagement or wedding rings is the span of coverage that the gemstones create across the top of the finger and the number of the gems that affect the carat weight of the gemstones either precious or semi-precious that has each ring.

Stackable  Rings

In Three fourth Rings - the gems are set about three quarters of the way around the ring, whereas in the partway rings they are set about halfway across the ring. The size of the finger changes over time, so the owners of fingers with precious stones around the circle might have some difficulties because to change such Three Fourth Ring even one size will have to remodel its entire style.  In fact, one of the greatest advantages of the Three Fourth Ring with precious diamond, blue, pink, yellow, orange sapphires, ruby, and emerald in three quarters of the surface is that it will look like a completely covered stone and in case your finger size fluctuates in the future it can be sized, that enables the owner to pass them down to another family member who may have different finger size. You can wear them with some midi rings to create an interesting, fancy stacking style too.

Wearing unique Wedding Rings as birthstone

Amethyst has been highly esteemed throughout the ages for its stunning beauty and legendary powers to stimulate, and soothe, the mind and emotions. Jewelry with a stone is recommended to be worn if you are tormented by anxiety and emotional distress. The energy of the stone gives peace of mind and helps to maintain mental health and strengthens the will. It is the most expensive variety of quartz. The magical purple color of this stone at all times had a really mesmerizing effect. It is a transparent stone of dark lavender and violet shades founded in nature in the form of crystals. They are in high demand among the jewelers for its delicate purple color. At one point it was valued more than diamonds because purple tint was extremely rare and it was affordable only to those who belonged to the wealthy upper class. Amethyst is the February birthstones, stone of fidelity and eternal love. According to legend Saint Valentine wore it as ring with a curved image of Cupid. Amethyst a stone of purity and devotion is filled with air and accordingly, it is perfect for the Air Signs of the Zodiac but will also have a positive effect on representatives of other sign too. 

Collection Of Gemsring Wedding Band

Gemsrings’s  Rings are presented up to fifteen round cut gemstones that are the perfect gift for anniversaries and special occasions sparkling magnificently when worn alongside your engagement or wedding ring. Amethyst Rings are made of precious metal 14k and 18k in white, yellow, rose gold or platinum that can be chosen according to your taste and style favors.  Ring collection that has quality options including good, better, best and heirloom. With different 0.25-2.0 carat weight and the round average price $0 - $2000 depending on your preferences and your budget. Amethyst Three Fourth Rings are held in a variety of settings to choose from, such as channel, pave, and prong sets. The lovers of elegant and feminine Gemsring jewelry will choose Rings of a harmonious design accentuated with the delicate lilac color of amethysts and diamonds that will add a stylish and sophisticated detail to any image. This Ring is a piece of jewelry that fascinates at first sight, because the purple hue of the stone is very alluring and an unusual accent that will definitely draw attention as the magic of the Three Fourth Amethyst Ring is largely revealed by the jewels embedded in it. Amethyst Three Fourth Rings are the best gifts from the groom to the bride and a talisman to bring happiness and peace of the newlyweds.

Valuable Wedding Rings

Amethyst is a semi-precious stone like peridot and tsavorite with a rating of 7 that Mohs scale of mineral hardness gives to this gorgeous gemstone. It is durable enough to be worn every day in Three Fourth Rings. This Rings is ultimately gorgeous piece of jewelry. Gemsring online store catalogue features handcrafted Rings artfully framed in a noble gold and precious platinum, with the most mysterious and sensual amethyst, This ring composes a lasting impression of the richness and luxury of expensive jewelry, worthy to become a symbol of the success and a bright extension of your image that will attract the attention of others.

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