Blue Sapphire Tennis Bracelet

Symbols Behind Bracelets

The tradition of decorating hands with bracelets has been going on since ancient times and is just as relevant today. Bracelets used to have a sacral-heroic meaning-a powerful talisman to protect them from evil spirits and were made of raw materials. Bracelets still are a popular accessory in all countries, among people of different cultures. Thanks to new technologies bracelets can be made of various metals and styles that are decorated with diamonds and other precious stones whose flicker and movement give your hand a distinctive hue that is worn by women and even men.  Bracelets can be the perfect addition to your image and will be able to complete any stylish look you are trying to achieve.

Versatile Gemsring Tennis Bracelets

In case you were wondering what perfection looks like then now it is a great time to look through the Gemsring collection of Tennis Bracelets with different gemstones. Their perfect, universal appearance and protective catch clasp have become timeless symbols of sophistication and femininity. The options are numerous when creating your own Gemsring Tennis Bracelet that is adjusted to all tastes and preferences. They are the ideal accessory to both elegant evening attire and a casual outfit.  Some of them are set with sparkling diamonds while others are set with different colors of sapphires, and rubies. If you prefer a splash of color or a combination of diamonds and colored stones then you have come to the right place.

Features Of Enchanting Blue Sapphire Tennis Bracelet

As for the Blue Sapphire Tennis Bracelet, it looks as if the beauty of the sparkling blue ocean was captured on a beautiful sunny day and set on your wrist. Blue sapphire is a precious mineral of the corundum family with its noble blue gem that has fascinated ancient rulers and still people in modern times. The depth and brightness of blue crystals don’t leave anyone indifferent. They look harmonious in any jewelry setting like rings, earrings, and in the past have decorated royal crowns and rings. A visually stunning Blue Sapphire Tennis Bracelet fashioned in 14K noble white gold effectively sets off the dark color of the sapphire as it features a row of gleaming natural GIA-certified bright blue sapphires prized for their character of deep rich color and the stone’s hardness that can proudly compete with any diamond.

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How To Wear Or Stack Royal Blue Sapphire Tennis Bracelet

A Blue Sapphire Tennis Bracelet can be worn with two hands at once, or three bracelets at a time and besides they can be successfully combined with complimentary rings and necklaces. The latest fashion trends indicate you do not have to be limited only to one metal or gemstone but rather create bold and interesting styles. You can make blue stacks with elegant and marvelous Blue Sapphire Tennis Bracelet as a celestial spin in your style. 

Alternative Blue Sapphire And Diamond Tennis Bracelet

In addition to the Blue Sapphire Tennis bracelet, a story of pure elegance at Gemsring continues in a delicate tandem of alternating dazzling round shape diamonds and blue sapphires stunning, brilliant and glamorous flair to the classic tennis bracelet. Gorgeous Blue Sapphire and Diamond Tennis Bracelet are a superb example of the art handcrafted by our skilled jewelers who can truly make this jewel a real masterpiece. The dancing light effect alternating between the vibrant round cut blue sapphires and sparkling diamonds are worth seeing. Stylish jewelry such as a luxurious tennis bracelet with diamonds and blue sapphires will tell you about the status of the wearer, never go out of fashion, and perfectly complement any evening attire and is a great gift. The setting is made of noble white gold showcasing 6.18 ct of azure blue sapphires and 1.65 ct of alluring, premium quality diamonds radiating an impressive grace and luxury on your wrist. One of the modern, noticeable style of tennis bracelets is presented in a different color palette of September Birthstone Sapphires. Depending on impurities in the structure of precious gemstones, sapphire, known as the king of the gem due to its dark blue color, has fantastic shades such as green, yellow, orange, pink, and even black. This stone is considered to be a symbol of wisdom, victory, and justice. It has magical powers and can change and bring peace of mind to anyone who wears them. 

Bright Multicolored Sapphire Tennis Bracelet

The Multicolored Sapphire Tennis Bracelet, shines with an infinite line of fancy colored sapphires crafted in 14K yellow and white precious gold featuring 10.79 ct princess cut sapphires in a secure four-prong settings that adds pops of color to any style. A magical natural gem with its wealth shades of precious sapphire enrich this delightful classic tennis bracelet that was designed to be cherished forever. Create your story with charm bracelets and unique Gemsring Jewelry, exquisite Tennis Bracelets that are covered with blue sapphires or in combination with diamonds and with fancy playful colors of sapphire to help each customer design an elegant piece of jewelry that will brighten their life that will elicit emotions and feelings of a beautiful colorful world.

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