Blue Sapphire Three Fourth Wedding Rings

Blue Sapphire is known for being a symbol of wisdom, fidelity, and honesty. It is believed that stone helps to enhance your intuition and implement wisdom into your life. 

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An amazing stone of heaven, power, determination, and perseverance. Sapphire has won the hearts of people since its discovery. It is unlikely that today someone will be able to resist the charming blue of this corundum, on the contrary, it will share the fate of the owner, regardless of gender or name, and will start bringing positive changes.

Royal Gemstone Fashioned In Trendy Wedding Rings

When it comes to colored gemstones, Blue Sapphire is usually the first stone to come to mind. This gem is sometimes called, “the stone of kings” or, “royal stone.’’ The best-known naturally beautiful color can range from light blue to deep blue. In general, the more intense and dark the color is, the more valuable the stone is. The leading variety of the mineral corundum of blue, pink, yellow, orange sapphire, ruby, or emerald is incredibly hard and durable almost like a diamond with a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, also considered to be one of the most precious of all gems available today. The sapphire is second only to the diamond in hardness. The mineral is particularly strong.  It is widely used not only in jewelry but in technology, science, and industry too.  Blue Sapphires are famous to exhibit phenomenal features such as asterism and color shift abilities that are highly favored and particularly appreciated by gem lovers and jewelers alike, cut into small round sizes blue sapphires make perfect gemstones for setting into Three Fourth Rings. The oval and cushion shapes of sapphire are the most common to found in nature. The stone can be both completely transparent and completely opaque. It is officially the September birthstone and the zodiac gem for Taurus. It captures jewelry lovers with its practicality and aura of romance. 

Bright Up with Blue Sapphire Three Fourth Elegant and Fashion Wedding Rings

The elegant Blue Sapphire Three Fourth Ring with beautiful, bright crystal is usually worn by women but sometimes men wear them too. The marvelous Blue Sapphire Three Fourth Ring features a single row of the bezel, prong, scallop, channel settings with round cut blue sapphires reaching 70% around the ring. The gorgeous high-quality Blue Sapphire Three Fourth Ring is made from solid 14K and 18K yellow, white, rose gold, and platinum using natural celestial blue sapphires. This Blue Sapphire Three Fourth Ring consists of one series of stones of the same size and technically is not as easy to create as it sounds. A simple-looking accessory is handmade with the utmost attention to detail from our jewelers. You can usually wear Blue Sapphire Three Fourth Ring alone or stacked with other stylishly matched diamond,  tsavorite, peridot or amethyst  gemstone rings. Thanks to Gemsring jewelry craftsmanship, you will feel comfortable when wearing them because the gems are located only on three fourth part of the product, which are more convenient for everyday wear, besides, the ring size can be easily changed due to its marvelous design. Blue Sapphire Three Fourth Rings look extremely sumptuous on the future brides finger. A small plain part of the ring provides a section suitable for size adjustments in the future. The Blue Sapphire Three Fourth Rings are glamorous on their own but can be gorgeous worn as a companion to its solitaire, engagement rings or with other chic design rings. Sense a touch of fascination with these stunning Blue Sapphire Three Fourth Rings that will stand the test of time and complement the images with luxurious spectacular accents.

Blue Sapphire Three Fourth Fashion Rings as a Stackable 

There is no need to set limitations on yourself whether to put one or two rings especially if u are a lover of bands. At Gemsring, there is a wonderful way to create a truly personalized look and make a bold, fashion statement with multiple stack rings. Among them are the most popular three fourth stackable Rings that make perfect wedding bands match up to an engagement ring or any others. Cast in two mixed metals 14K/18k white, yellow, rose gold, and platinum. The Blue Sapphire Three Fourth Rings come in endless possibilities including different types of styles, designs, and valuable, naturally precious diamonds or semi-precious stones that are characterized by superior hardness, durability, very good transparency, perfect clarity, and fascinating colors. Fabulous selection of Gemsring stackable Three Fourth Rings create nature-inspired aesthetic beauty to the pieces of jewelry that embrace and entwines your hand.

The breathtaking Blue Sapphire Three Fourth Rings were made an can be cutomized to express everlasting love and tenderness to your second half. In general, the sparkle, value, and allure all contribute to the precious flicker of time making them ideal gift reserved for the most important moments of life, like anniversaries, weddings, and a celebration of the birth that turns into an unforgettable memory.

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