Types of Jewelry

People used to make and wear jewelry hundreds and thousands of years ago. They never go out of fashion, Jewelry is not only a decoration but a unique opportunity to make your image and style more modern, fashionable, and bright. A large selection of jewelry pieces such as rings, Stud or Hoop earrings, bracelets, and many more, allows you to choose exactly what you like the most. When getting the pieces of jewelry, its price can depend on many factors including, the style, weight, and size of the stone and the material of manufacture. Providing that at Gemsring there is a wide range of jewelry collections in the catalog, we give a great opportunity to our future customers to find and choose the unique and beautiful piece of jewelry that suits them the most.

Three-Prongs Stud Earrings

We are proud to introduce you timeless classic Three-Prongs Stud earrings featuring different precious gemstones: diamond, sapphire, ruby, emerald, and universal gold Diamond Hoops of different diameters where each of them is crafted in 14K/18K precious gold.

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Why Stud Earrings

If you do not yet own at least one of our fine, small Studs, here are some reasons why you should choose one. Studs should be worn because they are trendy and never go out of fashion. Besides the brilliance and beauty of Studs are noticeable to everyone. You can wear all styles of clothes with this neat, elegant Stud earrings: from sporty clothes to evening dress and harmonize well with different hairstyles and face types. In addition, the gold fasteners are never worn, the genuine Birthstone precious gemstones are also reliably and firmly inserted in three prong molds. Moreover, Stud earrings are a perfect and ageless gift to make yourself or others happy, because there is no woman who does not like them, the truth is that every woman should have a pair of Studs at some point in her lifetime. Stud earrings are a must-have not only for this season, but also for future seasons and years. Hence, this is what makes this collection of Gemsring Studs universal!

Diamond Stud Earrings

Sparkling Diamond Studs are a staple of every women’s jewelry box. Graceful and unique Diamonds Studs will become the best friends of confident woman. Exquisite Diamond Studs that will effortlessly draw an attention and at the same time will emphasize your individuality. At Gemsing our brilliant round cut Diamond Studs is weighing from 0.25 up to 3 carat inserted in three prong setting that enhances the beauty and shape of the crystal that is gleaming dazzlingly both in daylight and under the artificial light. Our solitaire Diamond Studs are always relevant and go well with different things and with other precious stones.

Metal color in Diamond Studs

For the metal color the white gold is the most common, what’s nice about is that it just disappears so all you really see is diamond and sparkle, in yellow gold you are going to see metal a little more that stands out.

Blue Sapphire Studs

Diamond Studs aren’t inexpensive choice so if you think about more affordable alternative of stud earrings then great options will be Studs with precious blue sapphire, emerald and ruby inserts. Magnificent and natural Blue Sapphire Studs displaying bright blue color in different carat weight of precious metal are perfect for every day wear. Stunning Blue Sapphire Studs in all its celestial hues and discreet luxury will captivate everyone and subtly emphasize the refined taste of its owner.

Emerald Stud Earrings

Bright green Emerald Studs immediately pleases the eye and highlights timeless elegance of studs. Miniature delicate golden Emerald Studs with round cut stone from 0.10 to 2 carat in three prong settings are able to accentuate women’s beauty and will compliment any image.

Ruby Studs

Glorious Ruby Stud Earrings fascinate at first sight, because this gem is considered to be a symbol of fire, passion and irrepressible energy. Gorgeous Ruby Studs with its deep and rich color in lustrous gold three prong setting is a beautiful piece of jewelry that adds mysterious glitter and magical attractiveness of its wearer.

Diamond Hoops

You can hardly find such a versatile decoration as Diamond Hoops earrings with a paths of diamond stones made of yellow and white gold with an easy, comfortable almost invisible fastenings from the back of the ear lobe that combine harmoniously with absolutely different styles of clothing, appropriate for any occasions and subtly transforming the images and adding the glamour, brilliance and charm to any outfits. To buy Diamond Hoops will be the right decision because the fashion never goes away regardless of the hottest trends. Successful combinations can be obtained if you wear this Classic, eternity Diamond Hoops either with tracksuit or luxurious evening dress. At Gemsring we have different diameters of this catchy Diamond Hoops that acquires a special shine and brightness in any period of time. Regardless of its size, small, neat, average and bright voluminous large Diamond Hoops always look fashionable and stylish. Gemsring online store offers you a good options of different types of jewelry where you will be pleasantly surprised by the premium quality of the products, quick service and reasonable prices.

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