Emerald Three Fourth Wedding Rings

If you think that every girl who gets engaged wears a diamond ring, then you are wrong. This clichéd idea has long been a thing of the past. Wedding rings can be adorned with thousands of natural precious or semi-precious stones - from glowing Diamonds to stunning Amethyst, Peridot,  Tsavorite. 

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Original and Stackable Three Fourth Fashion Wedding Rings 

If you opt for an original wedding rings metals or design then you are at the right place, the options are infinitely many at Gemsring collection of Three Fourth Rings that can be an ideal part of any stack which goes well with classic bands of different designs, mix up with colored tones, artistic visual or simple elements engraved on them, or simply wear it alone with a plain variation. Three Fourth Rings enables you to stack them two or three on one finger of various widths to show off your personality and elevate any outfit day or night. The ring is a wonderful accessory that can give elegance and luxury to any woman or man. It is not only a decoration but also a kind of mascot that can even protect a person from negative influences.

Elegant Three Fourth Fashion Wedding Ring

Three Fourth Rings are said to have been worn by princesses adorned with a diamond crown. They looks especially effective when inserted in Three Fourth Rings of claw-shaped prong, strong and secure bezel, beautifully designed channel, and unique scallop settings.  They create a stunning effect, enhance the gem, making it appear larger and brighter to withstand daily wear and tear.  The setting you choose is absolutely based on your personal preferences, skin tone, and current trends. Three Forth Rings on the finger are not only breathtakingly beautiful but also a sign of prosperity and well-being. These are handcrafted in 14K/18K precious white, yellow, rose gold and unrivaled silver-grey color platinum accentuating the allure of rich green gemstone weighing up to 2 carats that exude total refined elegance. These Gorgeous Rings truly look like a dream in combination with different colors of gold and platinum, with stylish and exquisite gemstone is really a great way to wear as an Wedding ring due to its symbolic meaning involving fertility and growth, an amazing ring to propose with and not only.  It is a rare stone, the presence of such symbolic Rings can have a hugely positive effect on a couple’s lives expressing feelings without words. It looks especially effective when wore as a ring that turns into an original, stylish, fashionable decoration that will never fail to be praised.  They captivate the senses with their lush green beauty that will stand through time.

What Is Wedding Rings?

Jewelry takes a big place in the lifestyle of almost every woman. But many of them do not realize that the crucial factor in choosing jewelry is not just its beauty but its quality, gemstones, physical properties, and characters too. Emerald is one of the precious gemstones like a diamond, blue, pink, orange, yellow sapphires, or ruby with a noble distinctive dark green color, from a group of beryl and the most beautiful and beloved jewelry stone at all times. They have been used for more than 5000 years in the manufacture of jewelry in rings, pendants, earrings, brooches, bracelets and have become a prestige, luxury, and wealth, often worn by stars to walk on the red carpet. This gemstone can be mounted in any precious metal and paired well with various colored and diamonds. It is a relatively durable mineral that rates as 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs hardness scale. It is a transparent stone with an evenly distributed saturated color. The main quality of emerald is its color and transparency, but in most cases clouded by cracks or particles of other minerals. In nature it has an irregular and uneven shape, so like any other gemstone is cut. It is called the stone of unconditional love and compassion. The stone gives inspiration, spiritual uplift to business people and attracts success and luck. It is the natural birthstone of those born in the heart of spring-Birthstone of May and the Anniversary Stone for the 20 and 25Th years.


It is no secret that the popularity of the these Rings lies in its refined and effectively flawless harmony of the precious metal and diamond or other gemstones. The real power and beauty of this gemstone won’t let you down, as it isn’t only a gem but a talisman in life. Adoring yourself with such a fabulous ring can simply lead to success. At Gemsring we made other unique and fashionable designs of rings at reasonable prices providing a nice online shopping experience, We make all your dreams come true.

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