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Stylish Diamond Hoop Earrings

Since olden times, ear accessories have been an important subject: the guardian of the soul in the body, a pointer to belonging to a certain group or social class. Gradually, from the category of amulets and mascots earrings moved to jewelry and won its position in the fashion industry. Earrings have many varieties depending on configurations. There are different types of clasps, fastenings, shapes they are simple and at the same time symbolic.

The Origin And History Of Hoops

The Hoop earrings are a vicious circle, an infinity that has neither beginning nor end. Hoop (Congo) earrings are one of the oldest women's ornaments and have the longest-running jewelry trends. They first appeared in ancient times. Hoop Earrings have a round shape, and they are completely different diameters. Make them often hollow as these massive products become weightless and light. Today there are a huge number of different variants of earrings which can be completely smooth or with a pattern, with a diamond face, or with inserts of stones, the main thing that unites them is the shape. The secret to the popularity of ring-shaped earrings lies in the variety of performance and versatility. Initially, they were simply made in the form of smooth rings. Then the design had changed and became more complicated, stretched a little in shape and the earrings began to take a teardrop shape. In addition, earrings fit almost any hairstyle, loose hair or ponytail high it will complement any look Hoops are the earrings most people imagine when they hear the word “classic’’ in jewelry. Elegant Hoop earrings are ideal for those who prefer feminine but not overloaded with detailing images. 

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Elegant Hoop Earrings

At this time Gemsring introduces you a collection for all seasons, which will be just as fashionable as now and will stand the test of time. In our range, this popular model of earrings is presented quite widely. We have 14 K White gold and Yellow gold of different sizes, with genuine dazzling diamond inserts, that have a very convenient, completely invisible lock in the form of a pin inserted into the cavity. Hoop earrings with round cut diamonds are amazing: the game of light on the faces, luxurious framing of precious metals, and filigree work of our crafted masters are the best gift of all the time. With April Birthstone Diamond Studs you can decorate your appearance, complete the image, feel more confident, that’s why it is so important to make a right choice, we are sure that for every fashionista we will have an ideal version of these mega popular jewelry nowadays. 

Versatility Of Fashionable Hoop Earrings

 Diamond Hoop Earrings are so versatile that they are combined with other models. Those who are not afraid to experiment, and wants to create an interesting playful image and look irresistible put on rings, pendants, and bracelets. Such compounds look very stylish and unusual. Both White and Yellow gold hoop earrings are able to last a long time and look like on the day of purchase. They have magical power of being casual for daytime wear but also fancy enough to wear in the evening adding the unspeakably magical diamond sheen to your outfit. Simply elegant, comfortable, lightweight Diamond hoop earrings are designed for every taste and totally resonate with the person who is wearing them. The piece of Jewelry that never goes out of fashion and brightly compliments the thoughtful style.

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The modern range of feminine and elegant earrings in the form of hoop earrings pleases with abundance and stunningly beautiful models. The "Gemsring" presents to your attention a constantly updated collection of jewelry for ladies.


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