Pink Sapphire Three Fourth Wedding Rings

These Rings exhibit a marvelous trendy colorful appearance and incredible sparkle that perfectly complement clothes and are suitable for both festive image and everyday attire or if you want to gift someone special.

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Pink Sapphire Three Fourth Wedding Rings

The gorgeous pink sapphire is used in pieces of jewelry like earrings, rings, bracelets with frames of gold, or platinum. They are associated with a beautiful female and with the concept of glamour. The main cut is diamond or step. Gemsring Three Fourth Rings are undeniably pretty with delicate gemstone inserts about three fourth of the way around the ring, the span of coverage that sapphires create across the top of the finger, and the number of gems which also factors into the carat weight which is up to 2 carats that each Ring offers.  These beautiful Rings are set in 14K/18K precious warm yellow, white, rose gold, and lustrous unrivaled platinum. These Rings seem utterly marvelous with diamonds wrapped in a common secure prong, modern bezel, delicate scallop, and sparkling channel settings offering beautiful shining and distinctive style.

Wedding Rings

These Rings might play an exciting role in making a kind of art of ring stacking, for a layered look, we can stack these rings on top of each other. Without limiting your imagination you can layer pretty rings with another colorful black or champagne diamond, blue, yellow, orange sapphires, ruby, emerald, tsavorite, peridot, amethyst of different metals and shapes to add flair to your image and spice up your style.  Sometimes stacking that is very customizable gets complicated because the more you add the more you want things to look really beautiful and interesting together. Stack rings usually consist of two or more bands that you should put together on the same finger, or set with different gemstones and of various sizes as long as they look gorgeous stacked together. 

An Elegant Eternity Ring 

Sapphire is a blue gem from a group of corundum. It has high strength. On the mineralogical scale, the hardness is 9. A diamond has a hardness on a scale of 10. It turns out that the sapphire takes second place after the diamond. Initially, sapphires were called exclusively blue gems, until minerals of other shades were found on the island of Sri Lanka. Their color shades can be pink, orange, yellow, green, and even white. Pink Sapphires are stunning gemstones one of the color variations of blue sapphire. They are generated by the land rich in chromium, titanium, and vanadium. The color ranges from light to dark, one might say purple. Richer the shade, the higher its value. The lighter the gemstone, the harder it is to find a cut for it. They are quite rare in comparison with blue sapphires. In some cases, they looks like a ruby that is very hard to distinguish. Pleochroism- the ability to change color when changing the angle of lightning is typical for the jewelry of pink sapphire, less often you can find the so-called star sapphires- with the effect of asterism. Like diamonds or other precious gemstones, the beauty of a sapphire largely depends on its color. 

How to Take Care of your Wedding Rings?

To take care of one does not require effort because it is a solid and durable stone, which is not afraid of damage and chemicals. In accidental cases, the frame, not the crystal, is likely to suffer. It is recommended to keep the gem decoration separately in a jewelry box.

Magical Properties of Sapphire

It was believed sapphires had special power. They symbolize trust, loyalty, and sincerity. They’re also believed to carry good fortune and help to achieve material success as well as contribute to the development of good and reliable relationships leading to marriage proposal and wedding ceremony. The scholars believed in the magical properties of this stone. It was believed that it helped to achieve higher spirituality. Even believed that the talisman with a stone contributes to the opening of the third eye.

You can discover the alluring beauty in the stackable  Pink Sapphire Three Forth Rings in Gemsring jewelry collection. Very dainty and feminine stack bands look great with other rings or by themselves. At Gemsring we make rings, bracelets, earrings or  anything is possible, the gems have life in them and their colors simply speak to you!

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