Ruby Eternity Rings

Eternity Ring has resembled passionate and undying love. It is a precious gemstone like a diamond, sapphire, emerald that symbolizes a bold and beautiful bride.

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Ruby is a fiery staple of the gemstone world. For centuries, rubies have been at the forefront of luxury and lore. What sets this stone apart from less prized gemstones is the its  inherent beauty. They are said to represent desire through their rich red color. Desire may be an important aspect of this gemstones, but rubies also symbolize love and courage. The Rings are bright, expensive decorations for strong independent personalities who want to pass on their energy to all others.

Ruby Eternity Bands

The vibrant color red shines bright with our Rings.  Combining with the gold-colored rings will make the gems look more stunning to invest in. Most of our Rubies are cut into round shapes. To give a perfect match, and they leave room for all types of creative metalwork designs. Red is a very fashionable color for this type of gemstone that makes it a very popular color choice.  Bright and catchy, rings always become the centerpiece of the image around which all the other details are lined up. Clothes should not compete in brightness and flashiness, but on the contrary - shaded by calm tones and natural materials. Rings make fantastic gifts for many different occasions but are especially appropriate for romantic gestures. Give the special person in your life a gift to hold dear for a lifetime with a Ruby Ring from Gemsring. The perfect way to show your love, our collection of Eternity Rings is a timeless piece.  


Versatile And Elegant Ruby Rings 

Our Eternity Rings can be used in different matters.  At Gemsring,  are a beautiful, luxurious choice, that glistens from every angle. 

These rings can be slim or thick in size and work perfectly worn between an engagement ring or fashion. These rings are stackable, perfect for those who want to look fancy during parties. 


How Decorate Elegant Ruby Eternity Bands ?

As one of the most beautiful gemstones in a corundum family along with orange, pink or yellow sapphires , ruby gives way in transparency, brilliance and hardness only to the diamonds .  Some legends say that rubies are the fire that’s been hardened, and they hold the power to heart’s desire and that it's even capable of reconciling lovers who might be fighting. Rubies are July Birthstone which symbolize power and protection. When Ruby is worn as a talisman, ruby was believed to help protect warriors in battle. Rubies are referenced four different times in the bible. The Bible associates these gems with beauty and wisdom. Rubies symbolize warmth and the life of humankind, love, trust, devotion, integrity, happiness, courage, vitality, truth, and uniqueness. Some even go so far as to label the ruby as the “Stone of Nobility.” Others call the ruby the “King of Gems. Today, Rubies have many variations and, depending on the type of crystal (natural or artificial) and its quality, as well as the material rim (platinum, gold, silver), have a value that differs several times. Rubies can vary in price as diamonds, even as peridots, tsavorites and amethysts.  It depends on the color of the stone, its shape and weight, its size, and its hue. The deeper and more transparent the red color, with an even saturation, the more valuable the ruby. The ruby has excellent color because the hue is so deep and saturated. Cut plays an important role too, as with diamonds or any gemstone. Rubies can be incredibly pricey, mainly because they are trendy symbolizing great power. Rubies are associated with love, passion, and are believed to be able to help timid people open up. They can also help with one’s balance. Individuals experiencing depression and insecurity find solace in the ancient red gem. It can also help with self-awareness and discovering one’s true destiny and calling.

Available Stone Shape Cuts in Ruby Rings

The only available stone shape we have is the Round cut, For Ruby gemstones, they are a remarkable stone of spirituality and contentment, known for their metaphysical abilities to still the mind and inspire an enhanced meditative state. This may be the perfect match for those who want to have an intended to maximize sparkle. This is one of the most popular cuts in many gemstones.

Available Metal Styles

Eternity rings are primarily available in platinum, rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold for they are the most precious of metals. The metal you choose for your eternity ring will depend on several factors. These rings are manufactured carefully to perfection and will come in different sizes depending on your size.

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