Ruby Three Fourth Wedding Rings

Nowadays, the rings with ruby as they call red corundum has once again turned into a top trendy accessory, Gemsring follows the trends in the jewelry fashion industry and introduces Ruby Three Fourth Wedding Ring, the scarlet red  stones are reliably inserted into a claw-shaped prong, strong and secure bezel, beautifully designed channel and unique scallop settings.  

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Ruby Rings

Our Three Fourth Rings is made with the third-fourth row of radiant red rubies made in 14K/18K precious white, yellow, rose gold, and unrivaled silver-grey color platinum exuding the charismatic brilliance of incredible red gems weighing up to 2 carats that symbolize love till eternity. Trace of vivid red hue stones covers three-quarters of the way around the finger, where the palm side of the ring is made in solid metal without stones that enable the Ring to be resized in case it fluctuates.  They create a stunning effect, enhance the gems, making them appear larger and brighter to withstand daily wear and tear.  The setting you choose is absolutely based on your personal preferences, skin tone, and current trends.

How To Wear Elegant Ruby Wedding Rings

Magnificent Ruby Three Fourth Rings are great to stack rings that can be styled in multiple ways featuring two or more bands that are meant to be worn together on the same finger, to stack with a solitaire ring encrusted with larger stone or just separately, even can be set with various gemstones of different sizes as long as they seem super stylish together. A stackable ring is really a great chance to let your personal style sparkle through and giving the stimulus to your imagination. Generally speaking, stacking rings is an art form learned from experience to add flair to your image. One nuance referring to them is that u need to know to go up a size as you might not wish it to be very tight and don’t want to wear more than four rings on each finger as it will allow you to bend them. Gemsring Ring with bright colorful accents can be worn on your ring finger with different shades of metals yellow, white, or rose that will make the whole look more playful and fun. Bright and charming Three-Fourth wedding Ring with diamonds will become the centerpiece of the image around which all the other details are lined up. Clothes should not be complete in brightness and flashiness, but on the contrary, they should be shaded by calm tones and organic materials.

Features, and Characteristics of That Adorns Ruby Wedding Rings 

Ruby is one of the precious gemstones like diamond, blue, pink, orange, yellow sapphire, emerald that belong to the corundum family, it has a deep and vibrant red color with alluring sparkle. It gets its red coloring from trace amounts of chromium, it means red in Latin. A color sometimes varies from pink, through all shades of red, to almost purple. The most demanding and beautiful color is a deep red sometimes called the pigeon’s blood. They can compete only with diamonds in transparency, brilliance, and hardness. It measures 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness. As a result, it is suitable for any jewelry application in ring, necklace, bracelet and earring designs that one can wear every day. It can be set into any setting from gold to platinum, arranged with other stones that complement its beauty. Thanks to the powerful, valuable red color of it are known for being the king of precious stones, and it actually has a premium over the other ones that are similar in quality. The deeper the color, and the larger the stone, the higher it will be valued. One of the distinguished characteristics of the gemstone is the following: Inclusions of tiny needles which cause a polished gem to exhibit asterism, which makes it even more precious and valuable stone.  The traditional birthstone of the month of July embodies passion, love, and romance that makes it a favored gemstone for engagement and wedding rings. Since ancient times, it was supposed to bring good luck and longevity and being a sign of luxury and lore.

Gemsring Online jewelry store offers exclusive, unique pieces of timeless decoration from Three Fourth Ring collection of different gemstones: including tsavorite, peridot, amethyst or cherished ruby stone that will please each customer not only with its elegant beauty but also with a reasonable price that can become a talisman of giving love and happiness. Three Fourth Rings with exquisite scarlet Rubies can be a bold choice as a gift for engagements,  anniversaries, on Valentine’s Day, 

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