Three Fourth Wedding Rings

The ring has been a special decoration worn by women as an attribute of beauty or men as a symbol of power of love since ancient times. 

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At Gemsring, there are particularly brilliant pieces of jewelry that can express a lot of emotions with modern,  classic, or vintage styles of different shades of gold or platinum frames, the most popular classic version of the three fourth wedding rings are decorated with diamonds where the focus is only on the beauty of the precious stone that looks very sophisticated and luxurious, a diamond that shimmers in the sunlight and in artificial light- has been considered as a stone of kings that is able to endow the wearer of the ring with the powerful positive energy. For more original statements the three fourth rings are decorated with genuine colored stones where the stone cutting shapes and methods of settings can be different that makes it impossible not to fall in love with them at first sight. Opt for beautiful purple amethyst rings, blue sapphire rings, and other popular precious stones. Wonderful wedding bands with no end and beginning have always been an expression of romantic feelings, a perfect gift for different anniversaries of family life symbolizing the infinity of feelings used as a wedding, anniversary or simply worn because of its beauty, without a need of special occasion and the ability to make any outfit stylish and festive. 


Beautiful Wedding Bands

One of the most famous models is that these Rings due to their practical and at the same time unusual creative purposes where the row of the gemstone inserts are circled three quarter around the length of the band well suited for daily use due to their solid metal at the bottom side of the ring without gems settings that can never become loose or fall out entirely. It is no wonder that most couples for their marriage  prefer Three Fourth Rings as wedding ring, their designs where the gems are set securely about seventy percent of the way around the finger are convenient, relatively cheaper, and still looking luxurious. In addition, thanks to its pragmatic design you can stop worrying if it doesn’t fit for some reasons because the three fourth rings can be always resized and sit perfectly on the finger. Oddly enough but the question of how to reduce or enhance the size of the ring is a very actual thing in making the choice among the band styles.


Three Quarter Eternity Ring 

Gemsring Three Fourth Wedding Rings are embellished not only with glorious diamonds-sparkling classic but with other precious stones such as blue, pink, yellow, orange sapphires incredibly classy gem stands out with its rare beauty, ruby-bright red mineral bringing courage and confidence to its owner, emerald-vivid green richness that retains wisdom and calmness properties, and with semi-precious stones. Gemsring sells beautiful amethyst three fourth rings, as well as peridot, tsavorite, and other birthstones. Rings with shimmering colorful accents are extremely in tune with the common desire to look amazingly stylish and outrageously luxurious. We have Rings with an ideal composition of interchangeable diamonds and sapphires or with other gems exuding mesmerizing elegance and beauty sure to complete any look. Our sought-after  Wedding Eternity Rings adorned with a three quarter path of precious stone around the finger turns into the spectacular work of art where their dazzling radiance and proper cut gives us not only the esthetic pleasure but effectively transform any image and make it more attractive. These Rings can be used as a versatile stackable rings, mixing colored gemstones of different delicate patterns or rose, white and yellow gold together making perfectly distinctive style that reflects you.

The popularity of the precious stone decorations are greatly approved in jewelry industry At Gemsring, the huge variety of beautiful rings are made to allow our customers to make the best choice according to their taste and preferences. When buying a ring let go of all stereotypes and rely on your feeling, On one hand, it should be comfortable to wear but also exquisitely stylish and elegant.

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