About Us - Gems Ring

At Gemsring, we have confidence in expression of  love—the more love is shared and shown, the more there is on the planet, and the better the world is for us all. Available extravagance gems brand Gemsring gratify to customers who need to communicate their Love and Emotions with Diamond and Jewelry. Offering a level assistance, Gemsring delivers an excellent individual experience. Our image works in commitment and marriage jewelry; presents for all occasions; for women.

GEMSRING offers 30 plus years of experience in the diamond and gemstone industry. We are family-owned and fully stocked with a large in-house inventory that includes a wide range of Jewelry. 


We offer our customers

GIA certified Diamonds:

: Rings and various loose diamonds including white, black, champagne, and fancy colors in all shapes and sizes
  • Precious multicolored gemstones rings –

: ruby, emerald, and sapphires in multiple colors
    • Semiprecious gemstones – 

    : tanzanite, aquamarine, pink & green tourmaline, Amethyst, citrine, blue topaz, Paraiba, and garnet
    • Lab Grown Diamonds

    Why Us:

    • Service oriented, Reliable, Trustworthy, Fair, Professional, and Dedicated
    • Large in-house inventory
    • Global sourcing operations – first hand source on the finest treasures of the world
    • Sizing, matching, bagging, and custom jewelry manufacturing to your needs

    Members of our team are passionate for their elite level of customers. We have strived to create an environment in which every customer feels valued, appreciated, and acknowledged. We are dedicated to our work and provide the upmost level of professional services in sourcing and servicing your orders. No order is too small for us.

    We understand your passion for your business and in creating dazzling pieces of jewelry that ignite emotions and create breathless moments. To us, this isn’t just business – it’s personal. As such, we take a lot of pride in fulfilling our customers’ needs with precision and excellence.

    Throughout this website, you will have access to some of our certified diamonds, lab grown diamonds and multicolored stones rings inventory.  Given the sheer size of inventory, we will be constantly updating the website to add and remove rings. With that being said, our full inventory list may not be available online. If there is something you need which is not listed, please feel free to give us a call and we will try our best to complete the order.

    Our team is ready to serve you in all your requests, no matter the size, and is willing to embrace your partnership forever.