Customize Your Ring

Rings comes in all shapes and sizes, but do any ring fit your perception? Here at Gemsring we’re giving you the opportunity to create your own ring. Whether it's a proposal, engagement or anniversary it’s your design and we are the creators. We do handmade jewelry with four colored metal rings (White, Rose, Yellow, Platinum) with Precious and Semiprecious gemstones. By simply scheduling an appointment and we can discuss design ideas, options, budget, with your jewelry consultant, your guide to the custom experience. Sketch out the design, make a 3D render to make an accurate detail.



Customize your own ring



Gemsring Engagement Ring



 Here are a few custom rings examples 

Gemsring Partway Ring
Gemsring Engagement Ring
Gemsring Fashion Diamond Ring
Gemsring Diamond Partway Ring

 Few of our custom stone shapes we have

ruby stone
Blue Sapphire Gemsring Stone
Gemsring Emerald Stone