Fort Kent, Maine

How we met:

We met at Thomas College my freshman year and his junior year. The first time we met was through his sister, but we only started hanging out later on when his friend was interested in me. I became really close with Caleb and all his friends. When his friend lost interest in me, Caleb didn’t want to lose our friendship, so he began inviting me to hang out. Eventually we just started hanging out together and he became my best friend. He asked me multiple times to be his girlfriend, even though I continuously said no. Finally on the last day we were together before summer began, I called him my boyfriend.

The Proposal:

It was Homecoming and Family Weekend at Thomas College and Caleb made plans for us to go, since he graduated 2 years prior, and I graduated the year before. When we got on campus I pointed out that one of the trees was really beautiful since it was a nice fall day. Then I went to talk to a friend and Caleb went to talk to his mom and sister who were there as well. As I was talking to my friend, Caleb began texting me and he called me to hurry up. So I said bye to my friend and walked over to Caleb and his family. His friend from out of state showed up with her camera and Caleb suggested we take some pictures. We went under the beautiful tree I had pointed out earlier and snapped a few pictures together. As we were taking pictures, Caleb mentioned how we were back where we first met. Then he said, “Know what would make it better? If we were to get engaged here.” He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes!


Gemsring Testimonial2



Los Angeles, California


He said:

"Roxy and I met 2 weeks before our freshman year at college started. We were both in a program for engineers that required us to stay in a hotel in near campus while we took classes and got to know the rest of the people in the program. We were just friends at the time, but little did I know that helping take her suitcases out to her parents' car at the end of the 2 weeks would have led to all this!

We made it official 3 months later after a trip to Disneyland to celebrate her birthday!"

She said:

"To celebrate our 5th year anniversary, we decided to travel to Seattle for a weekend away and out of the city. We had planned to do many touristy things and a lot of sightseeing, but apparently these were not the only plans Louis had in mind for this special weekend. 

We had some extra time on our itinerary Saturday morning, so Louis suggested that we make a trip out to the Washington Park Arboretum to do "outdoorsy things" while we were in beautiful Seattle. He told me that "a friend-of-a-friend" who happened to be "an amateur photographer" was "planning" on shooting there that day and that she "needed" a few models. He knew that I would love the idea, and I would see it as a way to have something nice to remember the trip with. Although a little confused, I agreed.

So, we got dressed and ready to go take pictures that morning. Once we met the photographer at the arboretum, we casually walked around exploring and taking pictures here and there. Eventually, we came upon a secluded gazebo, and the rest was history..."